Giraffe launches automated online payments and single job posts for small businesses

Giraffe- the automated recruitment platform- has launched a new offering designed for small businesses that need to hire on a budget. Giraffe is unique because it automatically sources and screens applicants, presenting employers with relevant candidates with voice clips. Employers can simply listen to the voice clips and rapidly identify suitable candidates, saving significant time […]

Let’s get South Africa back to work again- SAFELY

After two months of lockdown, South African businesses have been hit hard. Small businesses have been particularly vulnerable- seeing revenues drop by up to 90% when lockdown started. Many businesses have been unable to pay salaries and rent and some have had to closed their doors.

SME recruitment: How to manage underperforming staff

As a business owner or manager, your people are your greatest asset. However, a staff member who does not perform their duties properly, or engages in any kind of misconduct, needs to be managed appropriately.

SME recruitment: How much should you pay your staff?

Accurate salary information is hard to come by. Employers- especially small businesses- often don’t know how much to pay their staff at market value, and job seekers frequently don’t know what their skillset is worth. Large discrepancies in salaries for equal work can be attributed to the inaccessibility of credible and fair salary benchmarks.